Click 'Sort' at the top of a column to sort by committee, by name, or by ward. Chairpersons are noted with an asterisk(*). The Finance Committee is comprise of the full school board; the persons listed below are members of the Finance Subcommittee.
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Finance and Facilities Arthur Beaudry, Chair Ward 9 
Finance and Facilities James Porter Ward 1 
Finance and Facilities Jane Beaulieau Ward 10 
Finance and Facilities Karen Soule Ward 3 
Finance and Facilities William P. Shea Ward 7 
Policy Committee Arthur Beaudry  Ward 9 
Policy Committee Jim O'Connell At Large 
Policy Committee Leslie Want, Chair Ward 4 
Policy Committee Nicole Leapley Ward 11 
Policy Committee Peter Perich Ward 8 
Student Conduct James Porter Ward 1 
Student Conduct Joe Lachance At Large 
Student Conduct Kathleen Kelley Arnold Ward 2 
Student Conduct  Kelly Anne Thomas, Chair Ward 12 
Student Conduct Nicole Leapley Ward 11 
Student Conduct (Alternate) Dan Bergeron Ward 6 
Student Conduct (Alternate) Jeremy Dobson At Large 
Teaching and Learning Dan Bergeron Ward 6 
Teaching and Learning Jeremy Dobson Ward 5 
Teaching and Learning Karen Soule Ward 3 
Teaching and Learning Kathleen Kelley Arnold, Chair Ward 2 
Teaching and Learning Peter Perich  Ward 8 
Vice Chair Leslie Want  Ward 4 
Showing 23 items